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Masina Tuanaki was born in West Hills, CA, in November 2012 and has known that she wanted to be an actress since the age of four.  She loves to act, dance, model, and sing.  Masina also loves to perform traditional Polynesian dances, which include Tahitian, Hawaiian, and Samoan dances, which she has performed in front of hundreds of people over the past four years.
Masina lights up any room with her bright smile and positive and caring attitude.  She is also not afraid of hard work.  Her self-will, determination, and work ethics fuel her passion to succeed. 
Masina is also inquisitive and tries to expand her understanding and skills set.  She loves shooting her own films with her friends and family to improve her skills.
Masina enjoys going to the beach, swimming, drawing, traveling, and hanging out with her brother and cousins.

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